TTC Timeline

Our story starts back in 2002… college.  Oh college, how I miss you some days.  I met my husband in a college accounting class.  He was late, I was early and I found myself irritated at having to sit by this silly late guy.  Who comes late on the first day of school!?!  Anyway it worked out.

2008 – Married!

2008 – 2010: Focus on careers and getting finances in order (like good little CPA’s)

Post tax season 2010: Toss out the BCP after 10 years!  Make sure timing works out so that no babies are born between December and April.  Wouldn’t want that to interfere with our budding careers!  Silly us.  After a few months, start tracking temps, using OPK’s and all that jazz with no success.  Temps were all across the board, infrequent positives. Pregnant people are everywhere!

Post tax season 2011:  Hmm, no baby.  Perhaps I will mention this to the lady that’s not a doctor that does my annual exam.  She runs some blood tests on my thyroid and such.  Nothing wrong, she sends me to the actual doctor who “specializes” in fertility at the women’s clinic I go to once a year.

June 2011 – Meet with “fertility specialist” OBGYN who runs some tests and diagnoses me without diagnosing me (he gave enough information to self-diagnose with a few Google searches…RE later confirms my diagnosis) with Premature Ovarian Failure.  Refers me to RE.  Thankfully RE is in town.

October 2011 – Finally get in to see RE after spending 3 months thinking that premature ovarian failure was my reality.  RE rushes into room to tell us that he’s spent a ton of time on our file and has no idea what the “fertility doc” was thinking and that I DO NOT have premature ovarian failure.  Great meeting with RE.  I love my RE.  PCOS diagnosis.  Start metformin and clomid cycle.

Oct, Nov, Dec – 3 cycles of Clomid and timed intercourse (awful).  At some point, an Hcg trigger shot is introduced.  I can’t remember.

Jan. 2012 – I get shingles, RE says no go on treatments until tax season is over as shingles is caused by stress.  Stress?  Tax season hasn’t even started yet!  He says I’m stressed and don’t know it.  Whateves, he’s likely right.

July 2012:  Tax season ended and then we went to Europe.  July treatments = no tax season baby (seriously, these priorities are getting ridiculous).  Clomid with IUI. BFN.

August 2012: injectable meds with IUI.  BFN.

September 2012:  injectable meds with IUI. BFP!

October 2012: Blood work all looks great!  First ultrasound at 7 wks, no heartbeat.  Pregnancy symptoms fade.  Wait three weeks in hopes of a natural miscarriage.  No miscarriage so go forward with D&C.  Blood work still showing high levels of Hcg so misoprostal prescribed.  Awful.  Blood work did not return to normal until Jan. 15, 2013.

Jan. 2013 – Oct. 2013: Birth control pills.  No treatments.  Attempt to deal with grief and depression.

November 2013: Decide to get back on track, visit with RE where we decide that IVF and grief counseling are the way to go.

Jan. 2014 – IVF (2 embryos transferred, 2 frozen) with BFP (see posts in January for drug protocol, monitoring experience, etc.)

Feb. 2014 – Surgery for Ectopic pregnancy

End of June 2014 – HCG levels finally back to zero (yes, I am serious)

August 2014 – Start vitamins, BCP, etc. for IVF #2

September 2014 – IVF #2 – (2 embryos transferred, 3 frozen with BFP, sort of) – levels struggling 22, 53, 101, 90 so we are on ectopic watch again.

To be continued…


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