I am a 30-something woman with a 30-something husband and we’d like to have 30-something children.  Ha, one would be a huge milestone at this point.  We have both found success in our professional lives as the result of ambition, hard-work and education.  We are learning that our reproductive organs don’t feel that those traits play a role in our desire to have biological children.

We have a good life.  We really do.  We are happily married, we travel, we have a nice house, we have a nice wine collection, we have good jobs and families that we are so lucky to call ours.  We have friends, great friends.  These things are just about enough to complete us but we are missing that last little piece that will enhance our family.  A baby.  It comes so easy to some and so hard to others.  Infertility doesn’t discriminate and it picked us.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so happy I’ve found your blog (thanks to My Hope Jar). It seems like we have a few things in common, so I’m looking forward to following along. And, of course, I’m hoping you get that baby soon!

    • Thanks for following and good luck to you too! I love finding new blogs to arm myself with. No sense in going it alone! Now to catch up on your blog during my pedi (on a Monday!! Go me!). 🙂

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