Back to the future?!

Blah blah blah… No CCRM for us for a variety of reasons but the main one being that nothing is “wrong”. At least nothing tested for came back abnormal except for my thyroid and low-ish AMH. What we know is that I likely have crappy eggs. CCRM gave me no good reasons as to what their lab could do for me. We met with our Doc here and decided that it is unlikely that all of my eggs are useless pieces of crap. As a result, we can go back to more simplistic treatment methods and may have success. We don’t need IVF because IVF doesn’t increase egg quality. Therefore it’s back to the much cheaper, much less invasive, IUI with gonadotropins. Yay!

We decided we would be willing to try this route 4 times (same cost as one fresh IVF) and then we would call it. Four tries seems reasonable and manageable. It feels like that’s enough. It feels like we can say with certainty that we gave it all we had. Granted we may only need one?? Fingers crossed. We will concurrently get moving with the adoption process so that we have those balls moving should our current luck in baby-making continue. The agency we have chosen requires a two day class (they are booked until late June) before you even apply and start the home study process.

We are excited to be going back to some level of basics and to be proceeding with our adoption plan. Our baby is out there, we just haven’t been looking in the right place but we are hopeful we are on the right path now.


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