HCG dropped

My HCG dropped down to 8 last week and things are resolving naturally.  I thought that by “resolving naturally” that meant that I would have a regular period but no.  That was ridiculous to think.  I guess I was in denial that I was actually pregnant to begin with.  So, that sucked.  The silver lining, it’s actually not silver anymore it’s more of a dull grey, is that my levels are going down quickly versus a 6 month saga.  We will move forward with FET at a later date.  Likely early December.


3 thoughts on “HCG dropped

  1. It’s good that your HCG is dropping by itself so this process doesn’t drag on forever. I look forward to reading about your FET in December. Big hugs girl. Thinking of you.

  2. So relieved things aren’t dragging on this time. It really isn’t much of a silver lining, but at least you can move forward. Thinking about you too. ❤

  3. Just sending my love, and glad that this is at least going quickly. Really hoping for time to go by super fast so that December is here before we know it.

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