Quick check in

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to do a quick check in and first thank Smile at My Lady Bits (http://infertilityabsurdity.wordpress.com/ sorry I don’t know, and didn’t make time to learn, how to hyperlink a word!) for her nomination for a Liebster Award.  This is very touching and I will post about it soon.  She asked very hard, deep questions and this shallow girl needs to buy time to come up with good answers.  🙂 I love, love, love Miss Smile and will give this award its due respect sometime soon!

I am continuing to recover from surgery.  My levels, however are screwing around.  I was at 4400 the day before my surgery and at 3700 the week after.  The doctor isn’t super impressed with my non-responding body again.  I think I see a trend… anyway, I will test again this week.  I don’t really know what it means if the levels drop slowly (except that I’ve been there before and we will monitor via blood tests until the end of time) but I do know if they level off or something then the doctor worries about leftover tissue and I may have to take the Methotrexate shot which I don’t want to have to do.  I gotta question where that 2nd embryo might be… hanging on in my uterus?  I don’t mean to suggest that it’s hanging on in a thriving sense but more just stuck up in there.  Or is it attached to some other place in my body?   We will probably never know but it seems it could be a likely suspect for why the levels aren’t dropping at the rapid pace considered normal (like I should have been below 100).  My levels obviously dipped but if the embryos were taking a tour of my insides, I suspect that could make things come out wacky.

That’s where we’re at.  Back to work…


One thought on “Quick check in

  1. Really hoping that your level will be down sooner rather than later so that your system will be back to normal soon. Hopefully no Methotrexate will be required. Thinking of you.

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