Valentine’s gag

Is anyone else having a major gag reflex to Valentine’s day this year?  I am and usually I don’t care one way or another but this year Valentine’s Day can take a hike!  This disgust is not because I don’t love my husband so no need to wonder about that.  I think I have OD’d on chocolate so my belly aches and I’m annoyed at everyone posting their wedding photo as their profile picture and then waxing poetic about the love of their life.  Now some of you have done this today and I don’t begrudge you, I might have too if I wasn’t in such a snarly mood.  Today I say give me a break!  People do this all for show in an attempt to prove to the world that their life is the happiest and I’m jealous.  Let’s face it, that’s what this is all about.  I know that people use social media only to exaggerate the great things in their life and never show the skeletons in the closet but still.  I’m mad at all these happy people and I don’t really know why.  I have THE BEST husband so take that!  Oh and la-de-fucking-da please don’t forget to show me the pictures of your little cherub babies covered in heart confetti as well.  I’m being a total brat.  Rant over.  Off to find me some more chocolate that I can stuff in this grumpy face.  I’m certain that will help.  haha! 


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s gag

  1. Amen! I saw it all over FB. One of my friends’ husband posted first about how much he loved his wife… And then my friend reciprocated and told how much she loved him. They do this every single year. I don’t know. I am super sensitive about these things today. How are you doing otherwise?

  2. Normally I just smirk and brush that stuff off but yea my senso-meter is up. I am doing pretty well actually. Thanks. I called the doctor today (and I hate feeling like I’m bugging them but oh well) just to check in on spotting and cramping and all that and the nurse made me feel like I had nothing to stress about so that was nice. How are YOU doing?? Keeping those buns nice and snugly warm?? 🙂

    • I’m glad you’re doing well. 🙂 Love reassurance from nurses. I’m trying to keep sane. I talk to Eli and Clay daily, but I don’t know if there are still there. I just feel so ordinary just like any other day. So that’s tough. One way or another, I want an answer coz waiting is just hard.

  3. I almost exploded with fury when I saw the cute baby pics of my associate’s new baby in cute heart clothes. So I immediately hid her on fb. But then I saw the same new pics on his desk in the office we share. Now I am drinking wine.

  4. Haaa, I am so right there with you, just trying to ignore it all. Just saw your other post on the cramping so hoping everything is all going well and that you are just crabby due to the huge amounts of wonderful pregnancy hormones. I’m headed on another trip in a few hours so maybe me being in another country again will bring you some more good luck 🙂

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