No Symptoms

I have no symptoms.  None.  I had a few days of headache and achy early around day 2-3 of stims.  Other than that, nothing.  I have nothing to Google except “no symptoms”.  I guess I am glad that from a physical standpoint, rational standpoint I have been symptom free.  My mood has been stable however the absence of anything is starting to challenge that stability.  The anxiety rises a little each day it seems.  I am trying to decide if I want to POAS or not but I think I am too afraid to actually do it.  It’s too early for that anyway I think. 

On another note:  I have 9 bosses.  8 men, 1 woman (not married, no kids).  One male partner, who I had to disclose my situation to, came to me the other day and said “the partner rumor mill is buzzing about if you might be pregnant or trying to get pregnant because you didn’t drink at such and such event so I told them you were trying.”  WTF.  Has anyone ever heard of minding their own effing business?! I can’t even tell you the range of emotions this makes me feel.  First, no one likes to find out that they are being talked about.  Second, now the clock is ticking for me to get pregnant before a whole slew of other people know “there’s a problem”.  Third, I felt like I was in trouble for not drinking at an event.  Like I brought this on myself.  I am sure there’s a fourth and fifth and sixth but I am too annoyed to think of them.  Stay out of my bedroom er, laboratory!!!  I have to see these people every day.  Seriously if anyone brings it up I am going to say stuff like “we are, that reminds me, I think I’ll be on top tonight”.  That’ll shut their faces up.  No one is going to say anything but if they did… ARGH!


16 thoughts on “No Symptoms

  1. Ugh — how frustrating of what’s going on in your office! I will tell you I had absolutely NO symptoms from transfer to beta except a headache…sending *positive* thoughts your way!!!

  2. I’ve started ordering mocktails at work events to avoid the questions. It has made it much easier. Soda water with lime or with a splash of cranberry normally will throw them off. I make sure to order my drink early on and keep it filled the entire time so nobody is asking if I want another. I often wonder how recovering alcoholics deal with the social situations professionally. It’s got to be equally challenging if not worse for them. It’s actually quite incredible how much alcohol plays a role in my professional life. I never noticed until I stopped drinking.

  3. Your situation is definitely difficult! People tend to want to solve your problems whether you like it or not. When people learn what I am going through they usually say something like you must be try so hard, I know a couple that did xyz and that worked for them so you should try it etc.

  4. Um, what the hell was he thinking? And in my mind, ‘trying’ makes it seem fun and easy, like normal people and is not the same thing as the shit show that is infertility and IVF. I wonder what they would say if you added some hard core shots and surgery details to your being on top comment :). On another note, I had ALL the symptoms, and as we know, it didn’t work for me, so I am going to believe your lack of symptoms are a positive sign!

  5. I can’t believe your boss told everyone! What a violation of your privacy! I’m so sorry that you have to deal with that! But please try not to be discouraged. Everyone is different. No symptoms doesn’t mean anything. I’m keeping everything crossed that can be for you!

  6. How annoying what your boss did. My goodness. I’d be so mad. Seriously, you should really say what you are going to say if anyone asks you. I hope that time will pass quickly for you with your beta test!

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