Retrieval and back to waiting

Thursday night was the night of the big trigger shot and it went off without a hitch.  I expected nothing less.  My husband is a regular injection pro at this point so I wasn’t worried about this.  My skin only reacted a little bit to the shot which was nice since my belly had just started to clear up from the Menopur shots.  Boy am I glad we switched those to intramuscular because I am not sure I could have made it 13 days.  All day Friday I felt a little crampy which I thought was weird but tried not to get too worked up about.  Turns out it was nothing.

Retrieval day went fine.  We went in at 10 and were back in the car on the way home at 12:30.  I had no adverse reactions to the drugs.  I ended up taking a pain pill before leaving the clinic and another half of one an hour later but that’s it for pain meds.  I really don’t like the doped up feeling so I decided to go for a little pain that I could mostly treat with Tylenol vs feeling foggy.  Yesterday I felt really sore and today I am less sore but it’s still there.  Overall, it could have been worse and I am thankful it wasn’t!

The numbers:  8 eggs were retrieved, 6 were mature enough to fertilize and 5 fertilized.  These are good numbers considering what we were expecting early last week.

The plan:  we will find out today how the embryos are developing and which day we will transfer.  My doctor is leaning towards a 5 day transfer so that we get the best of the best.  My husband and I have elected not to do selective reduction and as a result my doctor will not transfer any more than 3 embryos and really only wants to transfer 1 or 2 and hence leaning toward the 5 day transfer.  There is some research that says “get those embryos back in the body ASAP” and some that says it doesn’t matter.  While I completely appreciate and understand the logic behind waiting to transfer until day 5 part of me is so anxious to get those little guys back in and see what I can do.  The point, however, is that if they don’t make it to day 5 in the lab, they likely won’t make it to day 5 in my uterus and even then there’s no guarantee.  There’s never any guarantee.

I am doing, on the whole, fine.  I have been relatively calm through this whole experience and only now am I really starting to get anxious and I know that this will not subside once the transfer is complete assuming we have something to transfer.  Back to day by day.  That’s been my motto so far.  Don’t think too far ahead because when the course changes, there’s a lot to change.  I am glad I meet with my therapist today.  She has been such an amazing help to me through all of this.  She went through two failed IVF cycles at the clinic I go to and then ended up with a successful IVF cycle with a clinic in LA.  Our small town guy can treat mainstream infertility and IVF but any outliers are outside the scope of what a one man shop with a small lab can do.  Needless to say, she’s been here.  She knows what I am going through.

Now we wait.  We will know more this afternoon and even more tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  Deep breathing (but not too deep because ouch!).  I so hope this works.


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