Sneaky Follicles

We are on day 11 of stims.  So far I haven’t felt too bad physically.  I have had a few headaches over the past couple of days and have been unusually tired.  The latter could be lack of caffeine as well.  I guess the former could as well.  Anyway, we had another monitoring appointment today and the doctor feels that we are ready to go for a Saturday retrieval.  He believes there are 8 follicles that have the highest likelihood of having a mature egg.  He indicated that there were 2 smaller follicles as well but did not believe they would catch up. We started with 10, moved up to 12, down to 6, up to 7 and now up to 8.  WTF?!  My estradiol is still on the low end at 499 but not too low so that’s good.  That said, we will be triggering tonight at 11pm so that we are ready to go Saturday morning.  Yippee!  I think I am most excited about tomorrow being shot free!  One day with no pokes.  The pokes begin again on Monday or Tuesday with the Progesterone in oil.  Tomorrow (and the rest of today), I need to focus on managing my expectations.  This is not to say that I am not excited, because I am, but I just need to focus on Saturday only and not jump too far ahead with the “if this, than that” scenarios.  Take care of my body and prepare it for retrieval.  Nothing more, nothing less. 


6 thoughts on “Sneaky Follicles

  1. Yay for triggering!! And yes for taking care of your mind and body right now – just focus on you and prepare for Saturday. And for the PIO shots – I found Risa’s tips (and a heating pad that wraps around your waist with velro – let me know if you need me to find the one I got off amazon) to be super helpful.
    Risa’s tips:

    Will be thinking of you tonight and for sure on Saturday – sending hope and love for all good eggs!

      • Hope you made it without getting too sleepy! Our first trigger was at 11 too and it seemed like the time passes soo slowly that night. Will be thinking of you and sending good juju to the universe for the retrieval tomorrow. Come on eggs!

    • Aww thanks! Retrieval went well. 8 eggs, 6 mature, 5 fertilized!! Now we wait. Doc is leaning toward 5 day transfer but will make that decision tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support. Xoxo!!

      • Yay, I think 5 is a GREAT number! The most I have ever had fertilize was 4, and they were crappy quality so there was not even the chance of a 5 day. Will be sending good juju for those little 5 to grow!

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