Back in this game

We went to the doctor this morning and there are 7 follicles (Miss righty decided to show off a second follicle) that are between 10 and 15mm.  At this point, there are too many to proceed with IUI because we are not interested in selective reduction.  There are, however, just enough to where the doctor feels better about continuing with the IVF.  While there is a financial implication in going forward with the IVF vs. IUI, the outcome provides more diagnostic results (and higher success rates) should the cycle ultimately fail and for me that’s really important.  My estradiol was at 291 which still isn’t great but it is moving in the right direction.  Tonight we will add Ganirelix to the mix so we can try and get some of the smaller follicles up to size.  Monitor on Thursday and then if all goes as planned (ha, what plan?) the retrieval will be on Saturday.  Right now we are thinking positive and moving in the right direction. 

Thanks for all of your lovely comments over the last few days.  It’s more encouraging and helpful then I ever thought it would be.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Back in this game

  1. So happy to hear this – maybe your ovaries are just a little slow! I know from my perspective, even though our first cycle was a failure, it was definitely diagnostic in helping to explain our unexplained infertility so I think that is a good approach. That said, I am hoping for all good eggs and a successful transfer and pregnancy for you out of this!

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