Estradiol was shitty. 183, it should have been at least 50 per follicle so 300. My doc said to continue drug protocol because he’s not worried about multiple gestation if we end up converting to IUI. I suspect that is because my estradiol can’t sustain 6 follicles getting to maturity. To me the IUI seems inevitable. I know we aren’t done with this cycle yet but I feel defeated. From a global perspective, this isn’t good news. I don’t know what it means on a go-forward basis should this cycle fail. I will know more Tuesday I guess. It just sucks, it really sucks and I am disappointed and sad and yes, it’s premature but I can’t help it. The false hope that creeps in with new treatments sucker punched me. My body sucks and I want to punch it really, really hard.


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m sorry you’re so down!! I completely get where you’re coming from though. To gear up for an IVF cycle in the first place financially/emotionally/physically is a very tough decision! Then once you’re already in, the expectation of things going one way but then changing gears in the middle. That’s very frustrating! The good news is that you can still do an IUI this cycle…..keep your head up! 6 follicles should give you a good shot!! Best of luck!

  2. Oh hon, I’m so so sorry. There’s nothing worse than feeling betrayed by our own bodies. I agree with the comments above though, don’t throw the towel in yet. I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you!

  3. It does suck. It sucks a fucking lot. Hopefully they will have some answers for you on Tuesday as to what this means for the cycle and what this means in the grander scheme of things. When my first IVF failed so miserably that wait to talk to the doctor was actually one of the hardest things, because I had the worst case scenario in my mind constantly. I’m hoping for you that they have some thoughts about the protocol or something else outside of just your body that could be the cause for this. And if it does end up being IUI than maybe out of the 6 follicles you can get one great one, I’ll be holding onto hope for that.

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