Down to 6

6 follicles are responsding. That’s it. Down from 12. We need to wait on my estradiol number to see if we should continue with ivf this cycle or switch to IUI. 6 follicles is apparently the break even point where it may not make sense to move forward. However, as I am on a high dose of meds, my doc indicated that 6 could be the best we can do and perhaps that diminished ovarian reserve is the cause of our infertility. In that case, it might make sense to go forth with ivf…So much information. Blindsided yet again. Fuck. Now we wait for the call.


6 thoughts on “Down to 6

  1. Double fuck. So sorry to see this. Hoping with all my heart that those little bastard follicles give you a good estradiol number. What time are they supposed to call and tell you?

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