Slow Going

The results of the ultrasound are:  6 follicles on each side.  All of which are less than 10mm.  Apparently, the Doc would have expected a leading follicle of at least 10mm so the growth is slower than anticipated.  That said, I will not be increasing my meds because the dosage I am on is already maxing out the follicle’s receptors.  Or something.  The Doc was not super excited about the size of my welts and thought that perhaps the allergic reaction to the meds causing the welts was resulting in poor absorption of the full dose.  As a result, we will switch the Menopur to be an intramuscular injection.  My husband attends all of my appointments (or has chosen to do so during this cycle) so the nurse was able to teach him how to administer the intramuscular shots.  I think he is more nervous that I am!  The nurse will call me this afternoon with the results of my blood test.  Can this go badly?  I don’t know.  Seems innocent enough?

So here we are.  I am not sure how to really feel about this.  I never should have asked the doctor on Sunday how many follicles they expect to retrieve because he indicated it was usually between 10 and 30 (don’t give me data!).  Obviously 12 right now is on the low end and the doctor said that he was hoping for more.  I know a lot goes into this but I have/had no reason to expect a low-ish number.  It sounds rather stupid to be disappointed (? I am having trouble processing how I really feel).  All we need is one, blah, blah, blah but I know that the numbers only get smaller as time goes on.  I’m not feeling pessimistic by any stretch, I just think I feel more anxious than I did before.  This is what I hate.  I feel like I didn’t have any expectation for this morning’s appointment.  I was hoping for a boat load of follicles but really had no idea how many.  Then, when the results come in, I don’t really know what to feel.  I don’t really know if 12 is good or bad or if it’s an indication of how the rest of the cycle will go.  Maybe it’s an indication that I was more emotionally tapped out than I thought and this little piece of information has sent my brain into shut down mode a little bit.  So now we continue on with the injections, hope my ass doesn’t hurt as much as my belly and wait and see how things have progressed on Sunday.

I think I’ll go to the Olive Garden, which I don’t really like, for lunch and gorge myself on bread and alfredo sauce.  It could be the answer to my slow growers…


4 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. It’s so hard – every step in this process you wonder if you have enough, if they are big enough, what the retrieval will give you and if any will make it, and on, and on… Last cycle mine were a bit slow to grow too, but they did make it in the end so I am keeping my fingers crossed that yours are just taking a bit longer and that the intramuscular injections will help. I know with my PIO injections the intramuscular injections didn’t hurt at all really, so tell him to try and not be nervous 🙂

    • Thanks you for the support. I am sure he will do great! I will tell him that yours didn’t hurt and that will make him feel better. We have some friends who were doing intramuscular injections 7 years ago and have this terrible story of being able to hear the muscle tearing during one shot and that it hurt really bad. This friend can be overdramatic but the damage to the hubs is done. Come 6:30 tomorrow morning we’ll find out what we’re made of. Haha!

  2. I’m considered a poor responder so I’m not really a good comparison, but we only got 12 eggs over two retrievals and 11 fertilized. We had to batch my eggs to get enough for PGD testing. I only had 6 or 7 growing follicles at each round so I think 12 is great! Either way, try not to be too discouraged yet. A lot can happen between now and the retrieval. Some of the follicles that aren’t growing right now can catch up. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I know exactly how you’re feeling, my posts from IVF #1 read exactly the same!! In the end, everything worked out in the stim phase and the RE was able to level things and we retrieved 10 eggs, 8 of which fertilized. Your clinic should be aiming for a good response e.g., 8-15 eggs but not more than this. When I was feeling discouraged, I would remember my good friend who only had 5 follicles throughout the 14 day stim phase which was longer than average because she wasn’t responding well. After 5 days in the lab, she had two blastocysts which were transferred and she now has twins! I hope this gives you encouragement. I am sending you loads of positive energy!!

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