IVF CD 2 & 3

Right now we are at CD 3.5.  Shooing up in the morning, shooting up at night and yesterday I went to acupuncture so I got stuck with more needles.  The injections seem to be going well though.  My husband is doing a great job mixing and administering the meds.  He feels bad after each injection because he thinks that when the medicine stings or burns it’s because he’s messed something up.  The worst is if there is a little blood at the injection site.  Then he really feels bad.  It’s rather sweet.  I try and reassure him that he’s doing a mighty fine job. 

We’re doing 225 of Menopur in the morning and 225 of Puregon in the evening.  I learned the brand of the drug just for this blog post!  The Menopur is what’s causing the majority of the welts.  The welt from my first injection was nearly the size of the palm of my hand.  I called the nurse cause I thought I was dying!  Not really but I did call and she didn’t care about my welts (she was very nice but I could tell she was like “they are welts, stop being a baby!”).  She said we could switch to intramuscular if the welts got too bad… um no thanks.  I have very fair, sensitive skin so skin reaction should really not be so surprising.  Other than the soreness from the welts, there have been no noticeable side effects from the Menopur.  The Puregon leaves just a tiny prick mark but seems to bring on more side effects.  It seems I get a low grade headache, a bit achy and the chills.  It sort of feels like I am getting the start of the flu.  It sets in about an hour after the injection but then I am fine in the morning which is good because my work has been largely uninterrupted.  By the end of the day I am tired.  I did notice that the achy, headache, chills were lessened last night so perhaps my body is adapting. 

I went to acupuncture yesterday which was great.  It’s a big factor in my self care these days.  It helps me relax and I think my weekly visits have mellowed me out which is especially good right now.  Even if the needles aren’t doing anything (and I think they are), it’s an hour a week of uninterrupted nap/meditation/relaxation time where I physically can’t be doing anything else and that, in and of itself, has a lot of value these days. 

Circle + Bloom… well, I need to figure out a better time of day to listen to these because I can not stay awake!  Maybe my subconscious is hearing the guided visualization and practicing it?  🙂 

That’s where we’re at.  Monitoring appointment tomorrow.


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