Shorty Rant…

There must have been a memo that went out to all of the newly pregnant women in world that said “post your pregnancy announcement on Facebook on Christmas Day!” and so they did.  That said, my timeline was FILLED with happy kids opening presents, beaming parents, and Pinterest inspired announcements of family expansion.  Not that I fault anyone for this, it was just more annoying than I expected.  I was prepared for presents and sleepy kid bed heads but not the “our family of three is about to be a family of four!” or the photo with the mom, dad and baby shoes (gag, by the way.  It’s over done people, think of something else!). 

That’s all I got peeps.  I hope everyone survived the holiday and it was as Merry as it could be even if that means you are hung over today.  Bring on 2014, Bitches!


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