A Pair of Rants

Rant #1 – My husband and I are taking Doxycycline for 7 days in prep for our cycle.  I have read a few things online about this and in most cases, it seems this is usually taken by the man during my stim cycle.  However, our clinic has us take it before and has both of us take it to reduce the risk of any bacterial infection in the reproductive systems (?).  I gotta admit I kind of tuned out when the nurse told me why we were to take this drug.  I pretty much heard “take it for 7 days and do it anytime before you start stims”.  Anyway, on with the rant.  It says to take this with food but no where does it say that you should take it with extremely large quantities of food or you are going to end up yacking your brains out.  No where does it say that, no.  So here I am the infertile woman with effing morning sickness because I can’t get the food mix down for the AM pill.  Seriously!!!  Today, I think I have the magic formula because so far so good…  This actually kind of grosses me out from the yucky things to put in your body standpoint but oh so delicious.  I had a sausage McMuffin and an orange juice from the golden arches then proceeded to get my regular morning white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.  Yep, that’s right folks. I’m sitting at a good 1,000 calories and it’s 8:12 in the morning… it will be worth it if I don’t have to ralph in the ladies room at work.  Bleh. 

Rant #2 – We have a marketing consultant for my firm.  We’re accountants and we can’t market so we hire people to tell us how crappy we market and what we could do better.  I actually really like the concept but I now hate our consultant.  She’s a nice enough person and she is really quite good at getting us accountants to do a bunch of stuff we are uncomfortable doing so needless to say she’s good at her job.  Anyway, I digress.  I had a coaching session with her the other day and we were chatting about gender bias and the fact that retaining women in the accounting and finance profession is hard, blah, blah, blah and she says something about her company and thinking that once she got pregnant she would be fired.  Then she says she didn’t they could have children because of her PCOS so she hadn’t given her career with a child a lot of thought.  I responded something like “oh yes, PCOS, I know about this” and she stopped dead in her tracks and we started talking about my journey.  This is totally fine.  This is not the rant.  She then takes her turn to talk about her journey and basically tells me they thought they couldn’t have kids and were fine with that but that she was off of birth control pills for 4 years so she feels like it’s fair to say they struggled for 4 years but they never sought any medical attention.  She then says “you want to know how I got pregnant?” At this point, I am realizing we have nothing in common except a diagnosis and I’m thinking of ways to change the subject but of course I bite.  She then goes on to tell me about how all you have to do is go on the Paleo diet.  The effing Paleo diet?!  That’s your solution?!?!  Thanks.  I’ll get right on that.  I sure hope that Israeli clinic I bought by drugs from will take them back and refund my money so I can give eating like a caveman a shot.  Wow, I never thought about changing by effing diet!!!  Sure there are probably benefits to this lifestyle diet.  Whatever, whatever.  Take your advice and shove it lady.  Not helpful.  I guess I feel bad that she thinks she had it rough with their struggle/non-struggle and I guess I am glad she never had to experience all of the things that a lot of us go through because she may not have survived.  There is the chance that she may have been being flippant about their journey to protect herself as well.  I don’t know.  One thing is for sure, she never got sick of people giving her advice on what they ought to do to get themselves a kid.  She clearly has no idea, or forgot, how destructive this type of advice can be.  Paleo diet… srsly, bring on the cake.  And Brenden Fraser?  Yeah, I never really liked him.  Zing!

Rant over.


2 thoughts on “A Pair of Rants

  1. This post just made me laugh out loud during a meeting. Paleo, seriously, fucking Paleo? Oh right, I’ve tried relaxing and not trying but Paleo, THAT is what we’ve been missing this whole time. I will get right on that – off to order a large plate of meat for lunch. Just wow, and that coming from someone with PCOS, I think that should get her automatically kicked out of the infertile ‘club’.

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