Trial transfer, hysteroscopy and how to play nice with needles

Today was my first IVF type appointment.  Yes, I had a CD 3 ultrasound a few weeks ago because my Doc hadn’t been up in my business for over a year but today was IVF prep.  My husband came with me to the appointment which was great.  He has all of our scheduled appointments on his calendar.  It was more important to him, than me, that he be there today but it was sure nice to have him (except for one small reason but I’ll get to that).

First up… trial transfer.  This is where the doctor basically practices the embryo transfer.  He wants to make sure he has a clear map of how to navigate through the cervix and well into the uterus.  It felt like a pap which isn’t something I want to do every day but it’s not that big of a deal either.  The worst part is that I needed to have a full bladder and the Doc was running a little late and then the nurse was really pushing on my belly with the ultrasound wand thing so needless to say I thought I might pee on the doctor.  Then I would have laughed and that would have turned out badly.  Side note:  Today was my first non-vaginal ultrasound.  No dildocam for me!  Well, not in the usual sense anyway. See next section.  The Doc felt the path to my ute was relatively straight forward so I guess that’s a good thing!

Next up… hysteroscopy but first I got to pee.  The amusing part was that for the TT, there was quite the audience.  My husband, the doc, the nurse and some other lady were all crammed into the exam room.  Not sure who the random lady was but what do I care?  My lady parts are free for all to see!  At least that’s what it feels like.  After using the restroom, I took my half naked self down the hall (covered in a gown of course) and got in the full calf stirrups for the hysteroscopy.  This is where the Doc uses a smaller dildocam, one with a light, to get a good look at walls of the uterus.  He threads this long, fiber optic, camera with a light up in the girl parts and then shoots some water up in the uterus to inflate it so he can really see.  All the while, this is all being broadcast on a TV. A color TV.  The bad part about having my husband there is that when the doctor swung the camera, which was on, down from the counter there was a full picture of me spread eagle and my husband starting giggling like a 14 year old which then made me laugh which then makes for a moving target for the Doc.  He handled it like a pro and then we got the full tour of all of my parts… in color. Oh did I already mention that?  It was actually kind of interesting.  The Doc said my uterus was beautiful and I’m taking that to the bank!  Basically no polyps or anything.  The hysteroscopy, however, was not nearly as uneventful as the TT from a pain standpoint.  Holy cow… that hurt!  It was like bad menstrual cramps but I knew it would end because my Doc told me it would be quick.  He was right.

After the hysteroscopy, we met with one of the IVF nurse coordinators who went through the $3k worth of drugs I brought in and made sure we knew what was what and which needle went with which vial, etc.  It was a nice refresher and there was this crazy pen needle thing that we needed to learn how to use.

For now, I am feeling good about our plan and the direction we are heading but I have some stress and anxiety about the whole thing.  I think I am feeling some of the effects of stress in the form of fatigue and restless sleep.  I feel a bit like I am in the middle of tax season.  I used to attribute this feeling come March/April to the fact that I look at a computer screen all day but I am starting to think it just might be stress.  My work is stressful and I am accustomed to a certain level of stress so I don’t typically notice it.  I think a tired brain and sleepy eyes could be a symptom however.  This upcoming tax season may be a real bear.  I will need to remember that no matter what happens with this IVF cycle, that I have to devote some time and energy to take care of me.

And now onto the wine… or a hot toddy.  And chips and salsa.


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