Rainbow Pill Box


I feel like an old, old woman.  I had to buy a pill box.  Good news:  it’s stackable!  Not sure why that was the selling point for me but it was.  So there.  Tomorrow I am supposed to start taking a prenatal vitamin (yeah I know, hold the commentary, I should have been taking it all along but I had a mental block about it), baby aspirin and DHEA.  This is in addition to the birth control pills, Metformin, Vitamin D (I’m an Oregonian) and my Chinese herbs.  Have I mentioned the Chinese herbs??  I love those.  My acupuncturist sells them to me.  They are freaking expensive but I feel like they mellow me out and just take a little bit of the edge off of my naturally irritable personality.  I know nothing about these herbs except for that I took them to work to show my Chinese co-worked who said “ooohhh, this herb is for woman.  Makes period less painful.  I don’t know what the rest of this is.  Are you sure it’s Chinese?”  It wasn’t a total vote of confidence but it didn’t deter me either.  I further interrogated her about her actual knowledge of Chinese medicine which she admitted was spotty at best and then reminded me she was a CPA and not a doctor.  I do love my co-workers.  They make me laugh every day.  Back to the pills.  While I felt no research was necessary with respect to the magic herbs, I do feel like I should research DHEA because I am told that it can cause problems if taken over an extended period of time.  I guess that should be a cause for some concern but I kind of feel like I don’t really care about side effects and long term problems because it’s necessary now for me to achieve my immediate goal of getting knocked up by my doctor…er, my husband.  Sort of.  Anyway, with the addition of three new pills and the fact that I can barely remember to take my magical herbs three times a day I felt that a pill box was needed.  So now my beautiful rainbow pill box sits on my counter waiting for me to fill it.  Sigh, I think I’ll have some ice cream instead.


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Pill Box

  1. I think a rainbow pill box is a great idea, I could have used one of those for my break cycle between IVF #1 and #2 when I was taking every pill in sight. I did Rainbow Light Prenatals, Chinese Herbs, DHEA, Coq10, Fish Oil for about a month and half, and it seemed to help grow more follicles. Will see tomorrow if it helped egg quality any.

    • I need to focus on the three times a day pills. I do well with breakfast and it’s a crap shoot after that. I’m an effing accountant perfectionist but I am a horrible pill rule follower. Must change my ways.

      Rest up! You’ve had quite the day. Glad the retrieval was without incident. Love the backpack porn… Thinking healthy thoughts for you and those eggs!!

  2. I have done all of those pills except for Metformin since I don’t have PCOS. Yeah I have been taking a lot of things since early 2012. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I deliberately skip a dose or two. In between my IVF #2 and IVF #3, I stopped taking anything all together. Sometimes you just need a break. BTW, welcome to the blogging world. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah the pills… I become slightly obsessed but if it increases the odds then hand it over. Fortunately, I can take handfuls of pills like a champ so there’s that for a resume builder!

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