“Currently” is a fun little link up hosted by Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et!  This week’s themes are: missing, reading, drinking, eating, planning

The first of the theme’s for this week could be a deep one but I am taking it to the shallowest of all shallow levels.  I am seriously missing a football team that wins games.  I love college football!  I am even starting to love the NFL a little bit (thankyouverymuch Fantasy Football) but my team is struggling!  Struggling to show up and play offense not to mention defense and that results in a struggle to score points or stop the other team from scoring points.  Lame.

I have too many books going right now.  I never have multiple books going but this girl got all crazy with the new Kindle!  I am reading Lean In for my book club which I am loving.  I am also a few chapters into The Light Between Oceans but my sister called me yesterday to tell me that I MUST wait for 3 years to pick it back up again.  She was very emphatic.  She went so far as to tell me to either throw it away completely (this one I have in real book form) or mail it to my mom.  She doesn’t think it will be good for my mental state given the infertility challenges and considering she said she cried through the last 150 pages of the book, she may have a point.  I will probably do as she says… she is older after all.  Plus it hadn’t really piqued my interest.  The book has to pull me in by the second page or I’m out.  I do wonder how she came up with 3 years but I suspect she pulled it out of her ass in an attempt to make a point.

I will be drying out starting December 1 in preparation for the IVF cycle.  No one told me to do that I just decided that would be a good date.  There will be exceptions made for holiday parties…obviously.  In preparation for D-day I have been drinking everything alcoholic… wine, beer, spirits!  Bring it on!  We’re not talking  in excess or anything (well not every time) but I do feel this need to get in the good stuff while I can.  Much to my husband’s dismay, I am opening good bottles of wine, filling up growlers on the way home from work or pouring a small taste of Pappy VanWinkle on a regular basis.  It’s a good reminder to him that I like fine things.  Bwahahaha.

You know what I am not eating?  Meat.  I kind of just don’t like it.  Except steak.  I like steak. Oh and prime rib.  Other than that, I could kind of do without meat.  Or maybe I could just do without the handling of raw meat.  I don’t like to touch it.  It grosses me out.  Yuck.  It’s just nasty.   I’ve started making fried eggs on Sunday morning.  Random but I like to eat those and there’s no nasty, fleshy, sickness inducing juices for me to worry about there.

So we moved into a new house… a year ago and I’ve been planning to finish unpacking but things just keep coming up.  It’s not my fault!  I’m the total victim here.  The issue is that I don’t know what to do with the sh*t in the last 6 boxes!  I don’t like to throw a lot of things away but I swear I’m not a hoarder.  I do stack things around my house or hide it from myself if I don’t want to deal with it but there’s no garbage… So Thanksgiving Friday is when my immediate family will descend onto my house for a T-day feast so those 6 boxes have got to go!!  Ugh.  Don’t want to.

So that’s what’s happening ’round here!


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