“Currently” is a fun little link up hosted by Harvesting Kale and Ot & Et!  This week’s themes are: wishing, typing, moving, thinking, laughing. 

Currently, as in right this second, I am wishing I didn’t just do the Barre3 online workout that I chose.  It was hard as heck and my legs are still a little shaky.  I didn’t even know about this Barre3 business until a girlfriend of mine told me she was doing it.  Because she was doing it, I determined (through no fact-finding at all but through simple deductive reasoning) that Barre3 was exercise for lazy people.  Quite frankly, my friend doesn’t like to sweat so obviously she’s lazy.  Haha!  Amway, I haven’t really wanted to exercise much lately but I have wanted to eat a lot so I thought a lazy person’s exercise program would be great.  Barre3 is yoga+pilates+ballet (somehow this supported my conclusion regarding the lazy factor which is crazy talk and I get it, I didn’t do all my research).  You can go to “studio” classes but that’s so far outside my league it’s laughable.  I start to cluckle just thinking about me and a ballet barre… However, they have online workouts for $15 a month.  10 minute, 30 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute and let me tell you, they are NOT for lazy people.  They are hard.  I have done a couple 40 minute workouts and a couple of the 30 minute workouts and while it’s easy on your body from an impact standpoint the shaky arms and legs are no joke.  I know I’ll be glad I did the workout later but right now, I am beat!

My birthday was this past week and as a result I have been doing a lot of typing, in the form of emails, to long-lost friends.  I am not great about keeping up with my girlfriends that don’t live close because at this point they all have kids and I feel like I can’t call because I don’t want to bug them and they are in different time zones, blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses, excuses.  It has been nice to reconnect these last few days and get the 411 on what’s new.

Last week I got the first box (and it was a big box) of meds that we will use for our IVF cycle.  One of the meds has to be refrigerated and the rest just need to be stored.  As a result I have been moving the meds in the fridge around to keep them out of sight of guests.  The rest of the meds have been travelling a lot as well.  Should they go in my bedroom, should they go in the bathroom, where is that sharps container?  we have a sharps container, right?  damn, these needles are big.  I need to just stop touching them!  I think, at this point, they have found their pre-treatment home… for now.

A couple of weeks ago I was in DC for a leadership conference specifically designed for women in the finance and accounting profession.  At the conference I learned that women have been entering my profession in equal numbers to men for the last 20 years however the numbers of women at the partner level or CFO level are only at about 19% and 9%, respectively.  These figures really highlight the issue that this profession has in retaining and advancing women.  Since I have been back I have been thinking about how to start and then move a Women’s Initiative through my firm.  I think it starts with educating the leadership team (8 men, 1 woman) and the first step in that will be to set the meeting and get put together a really compelling, informative, persuasive presentation.  The life or death of this initiative will hinge on that… and on me.

Very few days go by where something doesn’t elicit some sort of snicker or giggle or laugh.  I had cocktails last night with a girlfriend (and again tonight with another one! Yes, I am so popular!! har, har) and amidst all the laughing and a little bit of crying, there was a real sense of friendship.  I have finally reached a point where I recognize the importance and the beauty of girlfriends.  I was never a big girlfriend girl.  I had one or two close friends but I was a tom boy and tom boys struggle to connect with other girls sometimes.  As an adult, I have found that I have the confidence in myself to really enjoy other women.  I love that my life is filled with smart, professional, caring women and I cherish my time with all of them.


One thought on “Currently…

  1. Barre 3 sounds like a mother effing nightmare. I have a few friends whose bodies look amazing and they do the Barre (I have no idea what #) thing so GO YOU because it must do something awesome but holy hell I don’t think I could do it. And YEAH for girlfriends, I’m with you – I never really loved girlfriends outside of my core 2 or 3 up until maybe the last five years. Now they mean the world to me ❤

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