Melancholy Sunday… or is it?

What is it about Sundays?  Am I the only one that finds Sunday’s to be insufferable?  Sunday has always been cause for sigh for me and it really shouldn’t be.   From a rational standpoint, Sunday is still the weekend! Sunday signifies the start of a new week, a fresh start.  For me, however, it’s usually about what I didn’t get done this weekend.  Ya, ya, glass is half empty… wah.  The laundry is still dirty, the fridge is still empty and I find myself completely unmotivated to do any of it.  During the week I look forward to weekends without a hectic schedule.  The quiet days will allow me to get stuff done… or so I think.  Come Sunday, I am wishing for something to do!  Something on the agenda, something to break up the list of chores.  Don’t worry, we don’t live in filth, the chores get done but I am much happier doing them when I don’t have all day to do them.  When I can limit the amount of time I have to spend on them, I am more efficient and likely more effective.

So here I sit on melancholy Sunday… another melancholy Sunday.  The sun is shining, I am watching the CMA’s, that I recorded last week in, our beautiful outdoor room.  My husband is blowing the lovely red and orange leaves out of our front yard.  What exactly do I have to be melancholy about?  I am not dreading my week at work, I am not dreading the fact that I turn 32 on Tuesday (I don’t think… well maybe a tiny bit) so what’s the deal?! Whatever it was, it’s slowly passing as I allow myself to reflect on my surroundings and the fact that it’s only 3:00, dinner is in the crock pot and I have the rest of the day ahead of me.  I could continue to stay in my grey state or I could break out of it and allow myself to see past the pile of dirty laundry (as long as I have clean undies for at least one more day), past the empty fridge (there’s lunch fixin’s for tomorrow at least) and be present.  Thankful for this restful day.  Thankful for a handy husband, thankful for a beautiful home and thankful for sun as it will be sparse from now until June.

Feeling better already… I think I am having my cake and eating it too when I really think about it.  Perhaps the icing on such cake would be to have an actual piece of cake and a glass of wine.  What could be better?!


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