Why blog?

Why a blog on infertility?  Well, infertility is my reality right now and sometimes putting what that’s like out into the World can lift the weight for a second.  I have thought about blogging many times as this journey has found its way down dead ends and over the woods and then gets lost in the trees.  I am hoping that this space will become a place for close friends and family to know what is going on so that I don’t have to talk about it all the time.  Maybe it will also become a place for others to come to find solidarity and a friend in their own struggle.  I know that I have followed several blogs and they have helped me to feel less alone.  Basically this is a published journal.  It will likely be crass, sarcastic, unrefined, snarky, sweary (que the made up words…it’s my blog and I’ll make shit up if I want to!), etc.  Most of all, I hope it’s somewhere I can be honest and process what I am going through and then potentially receive feedback, if readers are willing.  With that… here we go.


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